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Rock The Paper

Hong Kong - Hong Kong


Rock The Paper A.K.A Isaac Piper here
A 21 years old illustrator based in Hong Kong
I'm not those normal kids who start to draw at 5
The first time I really put time in drawing is at high school
Lady Gaga was the one who inspires me to be an artist
And till today she is still my muse and I'm lucky to have work with her in the past
I treat art as a lifestyle, my art style, fashion choice, music taste all unified as nostalgic
I'm a pop illustrator who transforms modern culture into my own "Piper style" aesthetic

Artist statement

Illustrator based in Hong Kong

Specialized in digital illustration

Growing up in a foreign culture environment

Heavily influenced by the 80s music fashion and pop culture

Surrounded by the nostalgia vibe within it

Having a different sexuality doesn't stop me from exploring

But encouraging me to try something bold and so called "gay"

Creating a psychedelic world and you are invited to share my vision

Transforming modern beauty into own aesthetic

Local shows

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