NL7A5203 by Natalia Lvova

Natalia Lvova

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - Соединенные Штаты


Natalia Lvova is an artist from Tyumen (Russia), based in Palo Alto (California). She has created more than 150 paintings throughout the course of her artistic career and is known for her powerful utilization of vibrant colors, unique visual schemes and patterns in creating original masterpieces that are hailed by art enthusiasts of every generation. Notably, Natalia holds a patent for her unique style of painting, which she has aptly named “TwiddleART.”

Further, she has created a number of fashion collections featuring her distinctive art, as well as illustrated BukvaBuk, an educational art book aimed at the development of abstract thinking for children, endorsed by the Department of Education in Tyumen city, Russia.

Natalia has presented her unique artworks at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Russia, and France, including: Museum of Russian Art (New York, NY, 2018), Unauthorized SFMOMA Show #27 (San Francisco, California 2017), ArtSpan (San Francisco, California 2017), Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, California 2016), Galla (Tyumen, Russia 2015), Siberian Center Contemporary Art (Novosibirsk, Russia 2013), Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Novosibirsk, Russia 2013), and Contemporaries of Canvas (Tyumen, Russia 2014), among numerous others. Additionally, Natalia’s work is part of permanent collections at Stanford University, (Stanford, California) and G8 Gallery (Moscow, Russia), among others.

Moreover, as an esteemed artist, Natalia has been awarded 1st place during the Pacific Art League Exhibition in Palo Alto, California, and became the Laureate at the “Best Works of 2015: Street Art” by The International Association of Designers Vatikam in Paris, France. In addition to displaying her distinctive art at exhibitions to the delight of thousands of art enthusiasts worldwide, Natalia presents a number of masterclasses, seminars and workshops, including ”Everyone is an Artist in One’s Soul,” and the program, ”An Artist Who Sells”, to assist peer artists in learning how to hold exhibitions and successfully build a professional career as an artist. Natalia and her work are also prominently featured in international press and media worldwide.

Artist statement

I love order. In my wardrobes everything is perfectly organized, every business has its own protocol, and every day of mine is planned. Probably due to this, my TwiddleART style has been born. Curls and spirals are my own way to balance the chaos, to relax and meditate. I love painting on huge canvases, and although their size is difficult to move, I believe it helps me dive inside of them. The artists’ heritage is absolutely important, depicting the present in my artworks, talking about the things that touch me. It’s so crucial that a painting balances the mind, providing an inspiring charge of energy and contributing to meditation.

Local shows

Voss Gallery
3344 24th St.
San Francisco, CA
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