Wild & Free by Victoria Skinner

Victoria Skinner

Brooklyn, NY - United States


Born and raised in Connecticut, Victoria Skinner was exposed to art at a young age. Her school activities had always driven her creative brain. Victoria is now based in the creative hotspot for artists - Brooklyn, NY. "New York is extremely inspiring. Everyone has his or her unique style here and I love to pull inspiration from that."

Although she has always been an artist at heart, Victoria's career started on a very different path. Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, she began her young career in the mental health and education fields. Since her move to New York, she has reconnected with her creative self and hasn't looked back, landing a Graphic Design position at an innovative startup in addition to various freelance illustration opportunities.

She works on a variety of creative projects including fashion illustration, stationary design, and graphic design.

Artist statement

I am inspired by nature, fashion and the city.
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