1207 Jitoku's broom by Walther von Krenner

Walther von Krenner

Kalispell, MT - United States


Walther G. von Krenner was born in Bavaria Germany and received his early education in Munich and private schools in Switzerland. He studied, worked and exhibited in Switzerland, France, Japan, Thailand, China, Mexico, South America and the United States.
He has a degree in Fine Art Evaluation and his biography is listed in Marquis "Who is Who in America" a distinction limited to five professionals in ten thousand.
He has been active in art and painting for over fifty five years. Over three thousand paintings and calligraphies are in International collections such as Public buildings in Takamori, Japan and the collection of Governor G. Ariyoshi of Hawaii. In 1964 one of his paintings was chosen by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Patrons and Mayor Sam Yorty for the front cover of the Barnsdale Museum catalog. The original is in the collection of the Japanese Ambassador. The Artist has lectured at several Universities, such as the American University, Mauna Olu College in Hawaii, FVCC college in Montana and many others. While residing in Hawaii he was involved in the creation of the Lahaina Art Society, the Beaux Arts Ball and Charity auction and the Red Cross Charity Art auction where he raised over sixty thousand dollars (1977). A donation of his works helped rebuild the historical Jodo Temple in Lahaina which was destroyed by fire. His lifelong interest besides painting is the study and collecting of Asian Art and the martial arts of Japan. He holds a eight degree black belt in Aikido and a fourth degree in Judo. He and his wife, a restoration artist, live on a ranch in NW Montana where they raise Arabian Horses,teach and work.

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