Hot Fun in the Summertime

My visionary oils on canvas evolve from a tangle of brushmarks randomly applied to the canvas. I spend a lot of time viewing this grid from a distance, like staring at clouds or tree branches. Creatures emerge, morph, vanish and reappear. I develop the cast of characters by glazing in thin coats of oil, ultimately creating a luminous surface. My paintings go through so many changes and take a very long time to finish, but the feeling is wonderful. I’m in a trancelike state where the critical censor turns off and everything flows. I have no sense of time, temperature or place. Like Alice through the looking glass, I enter the canvas — another world where I work feverishly. I am brave. I take risks. Life is good in Lizland.

Liz Mamorsky

Since graduation from Bennington College, I have exhibited my unique reclaimed materials sculpture, artbots, and visionary paintings and drawings nationally and internationally, starting with The International Young Artists Exhibition in Osaka, Japan. My work resides in numerous public and private collections including: Tonellerie Taransaud, Cognac; The Spertus Museum, Chicago; The Oakland Museum of California, Sony Corporation, First National Bank of Arizona, Francois Freres, St. Romain, France, and Paramount Pictures for the set of Star Trek: Voyager.

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