Surnaturels II (Plateau des Palmistes)

Acrylic on wood
65 x 45.3 in

The work of Paris-based Pierre Roy-Camille responds to the Hip-Hop, Rap and graffiti of his generation, using improvisation, sampling and collage. Roy- Camille is influenced by nineteenth century illustrator- printmakers such as Gustave Doré and aligns himself with contemporary artists such as Christopher Wool and Ed Ruscha. Roy-Camille’s main subject matter is the natural world which he interprets onto multiple surfaces such as walls, wood and canvas in order to evoke his own experience. Pierre Roy-Camille defines himself as a “producer of images,” concerning himself more with the final image itself than the specific process, medium or technique.

Pierre Roy-Camille was born in 1979 in Martinique and later moved to Paris to complete his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Roy-Camille has shown his work regularly in France since 2007, including solo shows Earth, Wind and Fire at the Since Gallery in 2012. In 2014, Roy-Camille’s solo show Surnaturels at the Foundation Clement in his native Martinique, featured a monumental series which highlighted the boundaries between reality and fantasy, science and experimentation. Says Roy-Camille, “My work engages “live” with the viewer, like in theatre. This type of interaction is much stronger than just painting on a canvas. I have a hard time defining myself as a painter. I am more like a performer, a creator of images, a magician, an “illusionist.” For Painting is the Pattern, Roy-Camille will be creating site-specific work that will include painting on the gallery storefront window.


represented by

Jules Maeght

The Jules Maeght Gallery is a contemporary art gallery who seeks to engage the San Francisco community by infusing European artists, young and established alike, into a diverse, multimedia dialogue. Amélie and Jules Maeght carry on the Maeght tradition of strong support for contemporary art for the first time in San Francisco. The gallery presents thoughtfully curated exhibitions, ranging from group shows based on conceptual similarities to more intimate shows that encourage artists to play off each other’s styles. The ...

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