Chromogenic Print
30 x 24 in

Carter Wesley Johnston grew up in Houston, TX. Since 1995, CJ learned photography under mentors like his grandfather, Arthur Meyerson, Vincent Laforet, and studied at Glassell Museum School, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Corcoran School of Photojournalism, Art Institute of Boston, and Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed his BFA in Fine Art Photography in 2010. Since graduating, Carter has been featured in shows nation-wide.
Now located in San Francisco, for the past three years, Carter has been printing museum and gallery collections for several internationally renowned photographers such as Mike Brodie, Tammy Rae Carland, Janet Delaney, McNair Evans, Lukas Felzmann, Lucas Foglia, Jim Goldberg, Todd Hido, Mike Light, Matt Lipps, Reagan Louie, Paul Schiek, and Catherine Wagner, as well as galleries/museums such as Pier 24 & SFMOMA.
Johnston’s series Commonplace reveals the artist’s insights as both a photographer and a printer. Each photograph constitutes a thought process involving a recollection of the past and a consideration for the finished product. “This body of work is part of an ongoing project that shows and compares how I envisioned California as a young boy from the South, and how I’ve seen it living here now. I’m interested in how this way of looking correlates with the way I learned photography--through printing.”


represented by

Jules Maeght

The Jules Maeght Gallery is a contemporary art gallery who seeks to engage the San Francisco community by infusing European artists, young and established alike, into a diverse, multimedia dialogue. Amélie and Jules Maeght carry on the Maeght tradition of strong support for contemporary art for the first time in San Francisco. The gallery presents thoughtfully curated exhibitions, ranging from group shows based on conceptual similarities to more intimate shows that encourage artists to play off each other’s styles. The ...

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