Wrapped covered marked (revisit)

Archival inkjet print
14 x 21 in

Through the use of sculpture, photography, drawing, and installation, Joanne Easton’s work appears straightforward but responds and invites participation with the contemplative. Easton creates works that explore how meaning is made, resources are used and value allocated. Using a variety of materials and site, her work appears straightforward: a book is blown back and forth by fans, branches are wrapped in marking tape, a video appears and a light turns off simultaneously, they trade and then the dance is repeated. These pieces respond and invite participation as contemplation.

Easton received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her work has been exhibited in California, Ohio, and Illinois. Last winter Easton was awarded a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Before pursuing her MFA, Easton studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received an MAAE for research done in community art and higher art education. Easton’s thesis focused on doubt and imagination in first-year art-school critiques. Her research was presented at the National Art Education Association Convention in New York.

Easton lives and works in Oakland, CA and is currently an Artist in Residence at the Kala Art Institute.


represented by

Jules Maeght

The Jules Maeght Gallery is a contemporary art gallery who seeks to engage the San Francisco community by infusing European artists, young and established alike, into a diverse, multimedia dialogue. Amélie and Jules Maeght carry on the Maeght tradition of strong support for contemporary art for the first time in San Francisco. The gallery presents thoughtfully curated exhibitions, ranging from group shows based on conceptual similarities to more intimate shows that encourage artists to play off each other’s styles. The ...

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