Accrochage jaune XLIX

Ink on Nepalese paper
9 x 16.5 in

Marco Del Re is an Italian painter, engraver, lithographer, illustrator and draughtsman. His work is a voyage through diverse eras, where classical tradition and Modern Art merge. His universe is an homage to Art History, Mythology, and Literature embellished by his own memory, thus giving him his originality. This freedom is visible in his lithographs, his engravings, his paintings, and in other domains. Maeght Editeur published several literary works illustrated by Del Re, including The Rough Field anthology by the Irish poet John Montague. Although he continues tradition while working in the engraving workshopping in Saint Paul, in his own Parisian workshop he experiments with new techniques to imbue his creations with freedom.
Del Re was trained in architecture before living in Rome and Venice. He moved to Paris in 1989. He enjoys working with proficient artisans to create new forms of expression that combine tradition and modernity: Nepalese paper, Ottoman kilims, tapestries for the Mobilier National, Limoge porcelain and of course the interior decoration of the Salle Pleyel. Since 1974, he has participated in collective exhibitions at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, the Tenth Biennale in Paris and the Pully Museum in Switzerland. He also held several solo exhibitions in Turin, Geneva and Paris.

Marco DEL RE

represented by

Jules Maeght

The Jules Maeght Gallery is a contemporary art gallery who seeks to engage the San Francisco community by infusing European artists, young and established alike, into a diverse, multimedia dialogue. Amélie and Jules Maeght carry on the Maeght tradition of strong support for contemporary art for the first time in San Francisco. The gallery presents thoughtfully curated exhibitions, ranging from group shows based on conceptual similarities to more intimate shows that encourage artists to play off each other’s styles. The ...

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