La magie au coin de la rue, plongée dans l’anonymat du quotidien ordinaire.
L'invitation au voyage au détour d'une impasse, le dépaysement dans chaque pas.
Paris, la belle, théâtre du Monde, s'incarne en chaque femme fleurie, épanouie par la liberté d'une féminité retrouvée.

Justine Maillard

Born in the town of Arthur Rimbaud, Justine has always had a passion for literature and poetry. She fell in love with photography while exploring life with her father, an amateur photographer who never left home without his Nikon FM. She soon achieved her first shots. Exploring the world and herself soon became indispensable. That incredible medium slowly became her own mirror, a playground where reality would combine with the world of dreams in a mystical way... Therapy, research, experiments ...

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