Sarah Ratchye’s works represent her fascination with the dreams and realizations of space exploration and the human desire for transcendence toward the divine. “Astronauts, having pierced heaven, achieved a physical transcendence, and as depicted in these works, an experience of the divine changed their relationship to the earth, the universe, and the earth-bound,” says Ratchye. Floating in a space of grace and alienation, the astronauts in Ratchye’s works signify the search for life (and thus water) outside Earth, and our urgency to find the next habitable planet able to sustain our H2O-bound fate. “Humans are far beyond their first rocket ride past the atmosphere,” states Ratchye. “Water was then and will continue to be necessary to our survival off the planet.”

Sarah Ratchye

represented by

The McLoughlin

The McLoughlin Gallery is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think. A portion of proceeds will benefit Glide and Stanford Breast Cancer Research. The McLoughlin Gallery is an independent enterprise not associated or connected with Stanford University and its activities are not ...

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