#14 Russia - Feddé

We photograph the ordinary in a new way and turn standard into art. Our teamwork is like a spiral: the new revolution we rise to a higher level, while not losing our individual style. The essence of our surveys is the story. We know that everyone is unique, all projects are prepared by our team with great care, bearing in mind every single detail.

Fashion Designer: Evgeniya Zabrodina Photographer: Ekaterina Dorozhkina Model: Alena Stolopova MUAH: Darya Kuvshinova

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REVE – Dream Away Internationally Mission: REVE is a creative incubator for people around the world specialized in entrepreneurship, art, design, fashion, architecture, photography, beauty, lifestyle and focusing on doing amazing things to fulfill people's lives. Our goal is to develop a network of creative people to exchange experiences, know-how, enhance individual creativity, skills, talent, nurture the growth and personal development. Vision: REVE is open to everyone who has the initiative to create and to be a part of creative ...

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