#12 USA - Divine Femmes

Gotham Goddess.
Evolution is born of contrast. The balance of contrast in theme, setting, color, fabrics, and design are achieved with the glorification of the divine feminine within the urban setting. She strides boldly through the gray city, bringing grace, beauty, and strength with her blessings to all who behold her visage.

Fashion Designer: Yabette Swank Photographer: Jubil Alex Matthew Model: Kelda Muzik MUAH: Marine Vaisset

represented by

REVE – Dream Away Internationally Mission: REVE is a creative incubator for people around the world specialized in entrepreneurship, art, design, fashion, architecture, photography, beauty, lifestyle and focusing on doing amazing things to fulfill people's lives. Our goal is to develop a network of creative people to exchange experiences, know-how, enhance individual creativity, skills, talent, nurture the growth and personal development. Vision: REVE is open to everyone who has the initiative to create and to be a part of creative ...

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