Team #8 Singapore - The Dual Power

This concept arises from mix of everything we see, feel , hear and touch. The dual power is about that connection between glamour and confidence . The fashion power is in the outfit . Looking closely , the outfits are heavy to feel,see and touch. It shows efficacious aka strongly vivacious . On the other hand , the dual part is the feminine glamour with strong elements of saturation, soft and everyday color and body language. The avant garde life is in the overall image as a whole we see.​

Photographer : Sounak Chatterjee Stylist/Director : Vrinda L Seth Make-up Artist/Hair : Monika Goswami Model : Shaiy Daiquiz.

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REVE – Dream Away Internationally Mission: REVE is a creative incubator for people around the world specialized in entrepreneurship, art, design, fashion, architecture, photography, beauty, lifestyle and focusing on doing amazing things to fulfill people's lives. Our goal is to develop a network of creative people to exchange experiences, know-how, enhance individual creativity, skills, talent, nurture the growth and personal development. Vision: REVE is open to everyone who has the initiative to create and to be a part of creative ...

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