Nikki in Golden Gate Park

Nikki says
What are all these Canadian geese doing
here in Golden Gate Park
forgetting that he himself
is a long way from Siberia

One day, we were in the park and I wondered what was on Nikki's mind as he stared down a bunch of geese out on the field. He obviously wanted to chase them. But, "Why?" I thought. Was it instinct? Hunger? Predatory drive? It led me to thinking about ourselves. Are humans instinctively xenophobic, territorial? A good question, in a country of immigrants.

Leon Sun

Leon Sun is a San Francisco based artist currently working in the medium of silkscreen printing. He is also a photographer, painter, illustrator and graphic designer. See his work at: http://leonsunartist.com. He may be reached at: leonthesun@att.net

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