The material is organized into geometric shapes, the energy propagates in waveforms. The look to seek aesthetic projections of sunshine into shadows in the urban environment, the focus on structures built by human hands, and incorporating immutable values such as sacred geometry and electricity, for example, found that scene on the streets, in the wings real. The minimalism of the composition integrates contemporary look that draws contours, poetic Photo underlies and the Series “Spellings Light, graphics facts” of which this work is part.

The look to abstract the real, the photograph used freely, flying free of the classical canons of proper photography for Information channels and Systems Commercial production. The photograph to materialize psychedelic creations of the author, which creates Intersections in Time that interfere in the making of the future, look to the future, the Eternal Search for balance, harmony and peace.

An adaptation of the Object Trouve, photograph what I find, “what impresses me, at that moment,” as Elliott Erwitt. Photographer only with more parallel light there is, the spot of sunshin With some exceptions. Almost a purist, just do basic settings in digital photography, except specific works in Digital Art.

Original 1/1 Sole Exclusive Printed with Vivera Inks on Canvas Canson PhotoArt Pro 295gsm. Signed by the Author with Certificate of Authenticity Canson Infinity Online.

2015 - One work Selected for CURVES E LINES Exhibition. LINUS Art Galleries in Los Angeles, USA

2014 - SESC-Amazonia das Artes 2014. Spellings Light, graphic facts Series with 16 works exhibited in Five State Capitals of Brasil.

2009 - Spellings Light, graphic facts Series (Grafias de Luz fatos graficos), first Ordi Calder Individual with 22 Works. Sesc Arsenal, Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brasil.

Ordí Calder

Existential Poetry in Pictures | website www.ordicalder.art "Ordi Calder is a fine art photographer, recognized abroad and Brazil, whose focus on the geometric interplay of light and shadow on atomized compositions take us on an arcane quest for the essential components of reality. Until a few months ago, if you were to ask to make a plausible connection between G.W. F. Hegel (a German philosopher whose existence on this earth straddled the 18th and 19th centuries), Fritz Lang (the German ...

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