The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. The images provide new scenarios affirming the relationship of everyday objects with the spaces they inhabit. We realize that there is an intention to show that transcends reality and turns it into another universe, the simple and pure forms.

Original 1/1 Sole Exclusive Printed with Vivera Inks on Canvas Canson PhotoArt Pro 395gsm. Signed by the Author with Certificate of Authenticity Canson Infinity Online.
*One Limited Edition* 1/5 (60x40 ) opened.

2015 - Two Works Selected for CONTRAST Exhibition. Linus Art Galleries in Los Angeles, USA

2014 - Four works receives the SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD for CLARITY Art Competition. ART QUENCH GALLERY

2011 - 5º Zajecar Tourism, Open Category. FIAP contest.

2014 - SESC - Amazonia das Artes 2014 -Work part of the spellings of Spellings Light Graphic facts Series, presented in the Arts Amazon Circuit circulated for 5 northern states of Brazil in 2014 At SESC. Original work of the first solo exhibition of Ordi Calder in 2009.

2009 - Photo exhibit part of the first Calder's Individual, "Spellings Light graphic facts" Sesc Arsenal, Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil, and, author's main path.

∑* One of the 15 Ordí Calder Originals with Limited Edition 1/5 opened.

Ordí Calder

Existential Poetry in Pictures | website www.ordicalder.art "Ordi Calder is a fine art photographer, recognized abroad and Brazil, whose focus on the geometric interplay of light and shadow on atomized compositions take us on an arcane quest for the essential components of reality. Until a few months ago, if you were to ask to make a plausible connection between G.W. F. Hegel (a German philosopher whose existence on this earth straddled the 18th and 19th centuries), Fritz Lang (the German ...

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