Photography: Black & White and Digital on Canvas and Paper.

Original 1/1 with Certificate of Authenticity Canson Infinity, by Alberto Dy, APHOTO Curitiba.
Limited Edition 2/5___ 40x60cm

2009 - One of the 22 Originals Spellings Light, graphic facts Series. Exhibition where did all the the project and was selected by Jury

The First Ordi Calder's Exhibition at Art Gallery SESC Arsenal, Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brasil.

Canvas Canson PhotoArt Pro with Certificate Canson Infinity.
Spellings Light, graphics facts Series

»» Printed with HP Z3200 on Rag Canson PhotoArt Pro with Vivera Inks, with Certificate of Authenticity by Canson-Aphoto and assurance to last through more than 250 years.


Ordí Calder

Existential Poetry in Pictures | website www.ordicalder.art "Ordi Calder is a fine art photographer, recognized abroad and Brazil, whose focus on the geometric interplay of light and shadow on atomized compositions take us on an arcane quest for the essential components of reality. Until a few months ago, if you were to ask to make a plausible connection between G.W. F. Hegel (a German philosopher whose existence on this earth straddled the 18th and 19th centuries), Fritz Lang (the German ...

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