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The "Pacific Rim Beauty" series of paintings represents the new face of womanhood, a mix of races and ethnicities especially prevalent in Southern California. These faces are both strong and soft, direct yet mysterious. Although young, their eyes belie a sense of wisdom. Overlaying each idealized portrait is a grid that provides both a screen to separate the viewer from the woman, protecting her, and a kind of longitude and latitude to locate her. Luminous color, created through a series of glazes, produces a mesmerizing, seductive quality to each Pacific Rim beauty.

Sparks Gallery

Sparks Gallery represents contemporary art and fine jewelry from artists living in San Diego. The gallery is housed within the historic 'Sterling Hardware Building' in San Diego’s vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, located between Island & Market on Sixth Avenue. The building is also available for San Diego event rentals. http://sparksgallery.com (619) 696-1416

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