My newest body of work is inspired by moroccan textiles, travel experiences and untranslatable words. Incorporating geometric patterns into bold dream-like landscapes, bursts of color and simplified shapes pull the viewer into other-worldly environments. This particular piece is called Dustsceawung, which is an old English word describing the contemplation of dust. Playing with shapes and the layering of colors, I studied a plant in my studio and meditated on the origin of life. These paintings seek to express what words can not.

Lara Buelow

Lara Buelow is a painter based in San Francisco, CA. Born in Germany, raised in the Bay Area, Lara creates at home and abroad. Her wanderlust has led to a love of sketchbooks and collage, incorporating bits and pieces of her surroundings into her work. Having studied art at Parsons School of Design and graduating with a degree in Geography from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, Lara is always seeking to build bridges between the dualities in life. She ...

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