"Genesis: Creation of the Sun"

This work is based on Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. My objective was to offer a sense of the power and energy of creation, when the Earth was taking on form, and God created the sun as an icon for day, representing perfect intelligence, infinite power, and absolute spirit. This sun was created to represent God's love and compassion for all that is created.

"Genesis: Creation of the Sun.," 2016, was created on an IMac computer, using Corel Painter Software. The beauty of nonverbal communication is that the artist is not restrained by the limitations of language, content, and natural color. The artist can use color much the same as a composer creates a melody. The composer might write a lyric to enhance the melody, much the same as the visual artist, who adds representational content to create another level of interest. This process opens the door for the artist to to trade on emotion and the felt sense, rather than relying primarily on intellect and craft. My work reflects the Human Drama and Condition. It is about us, how we are influenced by society and culture and how we relate, one to one another as well as to the group. The viewer can always find a visual melody in my work.

Alan Stecker

In 1963 I received a B.A. degree in fine art & painting, from Florida State University, and in1965 I received an M.F.A. degree in painting from Rhode Island School of Design. 1966 to 1971: Created a series of fifteen motion picture shorts, distributed by Cinemateque 16. 1968 to 1971: Relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in motion picture and television. I coproduced and directed “The World is Just a ‘B’ Movie,” which had a short theatrical run in ...

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