Egoism 2

In this new series entitled "Egoism" I wanted to show how often people are concerned with their own well being without noticing what is happening around them. They think that nothing will affect them, nothing will disturb them, if they just ignore it and figuratively "close the door".

To convey the idea, I explore contrasts and opposites visually; tranquillity and the uncontrollable forces of nature; permanence and transience; drama and peacefulness, and I represent them in colour (familiar and thrilling for the characters) and monochrome (everything that they subconsciously retreat from).

Sasha Sokolova

Born in Moscow in 1990 into a family of artists, Sasha Sokolova was accepted into the Sergey Andriyaki School of Watercolour and Fine Arts in Moscow aged nine and won scholarships from the V. Spivakov fund and Young Talents Fund. She has also done courses in miniature enamel painting. In 2005, she graduated with honours and in 2015 completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. After graduation she was selected as one of the artists ...

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