Make Our Planet Great Again > Barcelona after the flood

Barcelona after the flood.

Acrylic on canvas.
200 cm x 100 cm

Global warmimg will be the biggest threat of this century. Of course it's real, this is not the issue. It's about how it will affect all of us and what can we do to minimize it and its effects.
This piece represent Barcelona after the flood. After the arctic melted and the ocean rose.

Javi Corellano

I am an artist born in Barcelona. I have live in differtent places of the word, as France, India or the United States. The last years I was living in San Francisco, California where I lived and worked and had the chance of showing my work in some galleries and the California Academy of Sciences, as making some murals in the city. Nowadays I am living back and forward between San Francisco and Barcelona where I set my new studio ...

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