Sycamore Line

This image was created from leaves that were scanned and manipulated using Photoshop. I start with a blank, black background and then build and compose the images using leaves from my house plants, garden and neighborhood. This image was made from Sycamore leaves.

LeafLines are a series of digital art works that use leaves to create dynamic negative space made by the visual interplay of the color, texture and shape of individual leaves against a solid background color. The images are calligraphic and have a visual vibrancy and intensity created by the figure/ground relationship of the leaves with the background space. They are created by scanning individual leaves and compositing the artwork in Photoshop.

In these works I use the scanner as a camera, shooting each “picture“ from below. Leaves are placed on top of the scanner with the scanner lid left open. I do a large number of scans until I have all of the picture elements I need for an image. I then compose the images using Adobe Photoshop.


Mark McAfee Brown is an Artist, Photographer and Designer working in the space where fine art and technology marry, merge and multiply. He has spent over 25 years combining traditional media and photography - working digitally on Macintosh computer imaging systems. Born in New York City, he has lived in Minnesota, New England, West Virginia, Scotland and France. He is now a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. He received a B.A. in Art at Stanford University, ...

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