Discovery Collection > Rush Hour in Downtown SF

I enjoy creating compositions with exaggerated angles and playing with color and contrast. Creating wild perspectives, and telling a story of the people who inhabit my urban landscapes, it is what I am after. I try to narrate episodes of life as I see them in my daily commute. I see paint as a game between light and dark, wild and tame, and enjoy working with similar dualities.

In my work I enjoy expressing spontaneity and randomness with line and color, this gives the paintings a type of freedom and ease that contrasts the deeper voices of the subject matter, the story behind. So at the end, my art is about life itself, a struggle between the yin and yang, the laughter and the seriousness of being alive.

Jesus Perez Zamarron

“Zamarrón is a graphic artist whose work has been presented in different media: internet, video, print, as well as art galleries. He has exhibited his work both in Spain, the United States and Northern Europe. His early work had been featured in several collective shows at Facultad de Bellas Artes of Madrid (BFA, Painting and Audiovisual Media), where he graduated in 1994. He has worked with Madrid’s Galería Gaudí on shows for international festivals. The Spanish Consulate of San Francisco ...

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