Ludo series is a painting project that came as a natural response to my child’s development and is the continuation of the “Mater” project (http://www.catalinacodreanu.com/portraiture/). Is is a project that aims to explore the concept of “play” and it serves as a pretext for me, as a human being, to live my childhood now, together with my son.
My son is not nursing anymore (as depicted in “Mater”), but he is discovering the world through different activities. Our relationship also changed, as we have a very different way of interracting now, and this is a very strong creative factor for me. The overscaling of the paintings comes as a result of the importance and grandness that I find in this one of a kind connection.The flat forms and strong colors support the ludic theme and represent the way I play, inspired by my son, with painting.
100 x 70 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Catalina Codreanu

Born in Romania in 1988, Catalina studied Painting and the National University of Arts Bucharest and Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. She has international activity since graduation, such as solo and group exhibitions, publications in online and print magazines, art residencies, art camps, collaboration with the Salzburg Theater and other projects connected to the art world. Her works were shown in the national events White Night of the Galleries and Bucharest Art Gallery Weekend. Catalina’s work revolves around the ...

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