Evening in Chinatown

Abstract sketch of an evening in vibrant Chinatown, London.

Materials: Winsor and Newton permanent ink pens on high quality, heavy weight, French Paper made by Clairfontain.
Size: 70 × 55 cm
One of a kind Artwork
Sold Unframed
Signed on the front

View Art at www.kirstinmccoy.com

K McCoy

ARTIST K McCoy's work is bought by Art Collectors worldwide. McCoy's art is about capturing the essence, spirit, and energy of the world around her. It’s as much about the invisible as the visible. She also is very interested in the expressive power of color and how certain colors can trigger different emotions. McCoy exhibits nationally and internationally and has been featured in several curated collections at Saatchi Art Gallery. Her Art is also often in well known publications including ...

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