"JPG: Wallpaper painting"

Ipad painting
C-print on paper

All the pieces of this serie are digital paintings. It's dealing with a kind of abstraction iconology to mean the informations systems flux.
They are named "JPG" because they are JPG Files, and "Wallpaper painting" for an allusion to the screen wallpaper as a kind of irony.

Valéry Grancher from 2015

Limited edition of 150 prints

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Valéry Grancher

Valéry Grancher Date of Birth : 22.04.1967 Place of birth : Toulon, Var, France Tel : + (852) 6761 3158 Nationality : French Active as an artist, theorician and curator in artworld since 1992. Graduated from Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris (hypermedia and visual art master) on 1995. Awards: - Winner of "Villa Médicis hors les murs" for Japan, AFAA (video board, new technologies), France (1998). - "Internationaler videokunstpreis", finalist for the International Awards for the video "Memory", ...

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