Sensual 2 presents a beautiful and sensual woman with dark hair wearing a black dress. This painting is a new and sensual contemporary art with elements of art deco style.

Painted by a painter graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts - anialuk.

Signed on the front, stamp on the back, with certificate of authenticity, protected with fixative

Subject: Woman | Mediums: Acrylic | Materials: Canvas | Styles: Contemporary, Art Deco | Size: 80 H x 60 W x 2 [cm] | Year: 2017

ania luk

I am an artist, graduated at the prestigious Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. I co-operate with leading galleries around the world and my artworks have already been exhibited in the USA, China, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, Italy France and Poland. After graduating, I had been painting for pleasure for a few years. Currently I paint on canvas, using mainly acrylic paints. I find a great pleasure in painting people, who are my biggest inspire. There are many artists, who ...

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