La Nef Solaire

The Solar Nef is a gigantic sundial located on the area highway Tavel north on Highway A9 in France. It is one of the biggest sundials of the world and its accuracy can give an hour to 30 seconds. On the Solar Nef, time is indicated by the shadow of two styles pyramid: the style of morning and evening style.

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A fine art photograph is something that can be held, displayed and passed on through time. - A PHOTOGRAPH ISN’T REAL UNLESS IT IS PRINTED - Erik Brede Photography delivering unique and luxury, fine art for Corporate, Healthcare, the hospitality industry, Cruise Ships and High-End Residences all over the world – believing that art can significantly enrich the experience, style and value of any property to the benefit of both its owners and residents.

Erik Brede

Corporate art - Hospitality art - Residential art - Buy or lease? - Leasing available from Erik Brede Photography's official web site starting at $24/month. Get 20% Off on all artwork when using "daylighted20" at www.erikbrede.com Erik Brede is a critically acclaimed photographer and digital artist with more than 30 years experiences transforming ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences. His work has been exhibited and published in France, Italy, the UK, the United States and Norway. He was born in 1971 ...

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