Meli Mélies

Leaves and bubbles on eerie water
Bulles et feuilles allumées sur fond d’eaux noires

- Oakland -

Each print comes:
• With a white border proportional to the picture as presented on www.getjojo.com
• Printed on Velum, archival matte finish paper
• Printed with rich archival pigment inks
• Unframed
• Ships in a cellophane sleeve and reinforced cardboard envelope (small size) or tube (medium and large size) In the USA, add $10 for small and medium sizes shipping and $ 25 for large formats. Outside USA is a case by case.

Joel Boucquemont

Hello there, here is how it all got started.. .. A few years back, while on a trip where we were expecting to see exotic wildlife I made a very intriguing and fascinating discovery that utterly changed my artistic life. That discovery is called Pareidolia. While the birds were stubborn and were a no show I realized by looking at the surface of the water that the "Exotic" was everywhere around me and especially in the most overlooked spaces. And ...

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