Fleeing Death

Polish Photographer born in 1984. I am a freelancer based in Ireland. I am involved in documentary photography
and photo essays. For me, photographing is a tool for exploring and learning about the world. I try to tell a story
and show it directly. In my opinion, people are an inexhaustible topic and a source of inspiration. When travelling,
I meet people; as a result I create the image of my relation with them. The exploration of the environment where I
take photos allows me to create emotional and convincing scenes. I think you cannot photograph the things you
do not know well. That is why I prepare myself for each project individually, accurately, going into detail in the
newspapers and on the Internet. Next I look for an inspiration in other photographer's photos and conversations,
as a result I can create real pictures. My own narrative presented in my photos is at the same time very personal
and common. I think that a lot of people can identify themselves with my works.

Szymon Barylski

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