The Time I Have Left #1

The Time I Have Left #1:
“The Time I Have Left” is a long-term Documentary project about elderly people and end-of-life issues. By inquiring in the daily life of Hugo, I immerse myself deeply into intimate situations concerning the last stage of his life. Through my photographs, I confront the viewer and invite them to reflect on their own point of view about the relation of life and death.

Photographer Info:
Constanza Hevia creates portraits, documentary and editorial projects with a high level of intimacy and visual narrative. Depending on the project, she works with different levels of proximity with her subjects. Influenced by her background in motion pictures, Constanza creates visual narratives to represent the voiceless, to communicate their stories and to make the viewer reflect on new perspectives about her subjects.
Born and raised in Chile, she now lives in San Francisco, California.

Constanza Hevia H.

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