Kenzi and Hootie, Anoka County Fair, Minnesota, 2016

"The Unchosen Ones" takes place on the sidelines of county fair animal contests in Minnesota in 2016.
One isn't born a winner or loser, but a chooser. This theme I explore in this series.
As we look at them, they look back, allowing us to think about how we choose winners and the repercussions for
the ones not chosen.
The project consists of over 60 portraits made at 10 Minnesota county fairs in 2016. The photographs showcase
the subject facing the camera, allowing the viewer to decide what connects and distinguishes these subjects.
With a vantage point straight onto the figures, the direct stance portrayed develops a typology, showcasing
individual styles and characteristics. With a serial and systematic approach, the human condition is exposed in

RJ Kern

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