Silhouette moment

Born in 1985 in Isfahan, Iran. Graduated in master degree of Geomorphology and bachelor of IT at the same time. At the age of 27, I emigrated to United Arab Emirates and after a short while, moved to Georgia and started working in an Art studio and stayed there for a couple of years. Before entering the field of professional photography, I used to take pictures with normal cameras and mostly in the “Mobile Photography” branch.
I have always wanted to share my view of the world with others, and photography granted me this wish. I realized that I’m slowly moving on a road to an unknown destination and I’ve reached a point that photography has become my whole life.
Back then (which is not a long time ago) I started off with buying an advanced camera, and took street photography, mainly street portraits in order to move on my path to becoming a professional. Although I am a self-taught photographer, I started drawing attentions to myself from the very beginning, by publishing a number of works on the National Geographic-Your shot and Persian Deutsche Welle websites and participating in some exhibitions in Greece and I’m still experiencing new ideas.
Photography has changed my inner and outer world and I’m still eager to find opportunities for searching, knowing and communicating with artists and people from different cultures to gain a deeper perspective in photography. Seeing the lives of others and their ups and downs through my camera has granted me a valuable experience which I never had felt before. Photography is a window for me that makes every second of my life.

Hussein Fardinfard

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