Yukari Chikura born in Tokyo, Japan.
After graduated from music university, She become music composer,arranger and computer programmer.
She is the WINNER of LENSCULTURE EMERGING TALENT AWARD 2016 and WINNER OF STEIDL BOOK AWARD 2016 ,Her work will be published from STEIDL.
Her photograph selected as "Best of Show photographer 2013" (Lucie Foundation: IPA).
She is one of the Photolucida Critical Mass TOP50(Winner) in 2016 and 2015.
She has gotten lots of awards ( 1st,2nd,3rd prize of International Photography Award,
Photolucida Critical Mass, Sony World Photography Awards,
PX3,FOCUS Photo l.a., National Geographic ,etc..)
And she held "SOLO EXHIBITION" at 11 places in Japan ( Canon Gallery, Sony Gallery, Entre Deux)
and group exhibition in lots of museum, gallery around the world.
Some projects has collected in Griffin Museum in US and Bibliotheque national de France.
1 project will be collected in the Kiyosato museum of photographic arts (K*MoPA)
"TOP 15 Emerging and Established Asian Photographers" by IPA (Lucie Foundation) in 2016.
She is now artist in residence of Rokko International Photography Festival 2015.
She participated “Review Santa Fe 2014” and “Eddie Adams Workshop 2014”.

Yukari Chikura

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