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Angelika Ejtel is a Polish self-portraitist currently based in the U.S. She considers her photographic creation as a poetic experience in which she drowns herself, dissolves herself and, as a result, it gives her the feeling that she is reborn with each portrait into a new being. Her attitude towards the self is more of an exploratory journey between an awareness of self and an unawareness of some aspects of self.

She likes to define her photography as a poetic experience for one more reason: poetry is the powerful stimulus which inspires her to create. She is especially permeated with the poetry of a famous Polish poet – Halina Poswiatowska whose poetic world has become so much hers or perhaps, it has always been hers somewhere intrinsic to her inner life. Her “photographic words” can whisper in silence, cry in loneliness or scream in suffering, always between love and death. That’s her anecdote about being.

Angelika Ejtel

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