Red Rain Drop House

I live in San Francisco so probably will never get to own a house. So I made my own wet "Drop Houses". I sprayed different colored water on various items: a green notebook, a blue disposable oxygen bag from an anesthesia machine, metallic paper plates, etc. I photographed the results. I photographed parts of houses and cut them up, did a "secret step" to blend everything together, laid all pics out into the house shapes, put my 35 camera on a copystand and photographed them all. No computer was used.

Joy Johnson

My name is Joy Johnson. I am a Photo Montage Artist. I've always loved the montage. It’s an art form when anything can be together and anything can happen. All the elements of my montages are my own original photographs. I used to use my 35mm camera, scissors, copy stand, no lights, and a secret step to make my montages. In 2003 I got my computer. You can guess which arts I did which way! Thank You, Artist Joy Johnson.

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