My "Mystery" series is my longest running series. The original intent was to create a number of "mood" portraits where the observer's personality and persona experience determined their perception. Elements of intrigue, texture, unusual color palette, and psychological dimension all combine to give each painting its character. The question to ask yourself is, "what do I think or feel," The fabulous color makes each painting an interesting addition to your home or work space.

John Barney

John Barney is an artist in the Los Angeles area. A fan of art his whole life, he’s visited galleries across the country. He incorporates many of the characteristics he’s observed from the paintings he's admired - namely color, texture, and psychological dimension. Influences include French palette knife painter Christian Jequel, Leroy Neimann and visionary artist Bill Martin. Though holding graduate degrees in psychology, he's a self-taught artist, not bound by convention or formal training. He's been called a master ...

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