Photography: Metal on Aluminium.

This is part of a series called "Data Dreams" that speaks to the growingly fast paced world of technology surrounding us. I wanted to capture the spirit of modernization within our daily lives, which moves at the speed of light.

A high-gloss float mounted metal print where the color of the dyes are infused directly into a specially-coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, detail, and durability. It is highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and scratch-resistant.

Ready-to-hang with rear-mounting aluminum plate with pre-drilled holes backed with an inset frame for added stability. Lightweight compared to other metal prints and needs no framing.


A visual warrior seeking truth within cracks of light. Hunting sun, moon, and stars as they lay dimension to the land below. Human, earth, universe – as these algorithms join forces to shape meaning, he captures their dance.

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