Spiral Ascent

The Op Art movement enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame back in the 1960s and I was there—in New York City—in the thick of it, represented by The Contemporaries Gallery on Madison Avenue at 79th Street. While most Op art paintings were geometric, mine were biomorphic, using gradations of complementary colors of the same value to create the retinal flash that characterized Op Art. My work was also referred to as Organic Abstraction. This series of Vintage paintings spans the period from 1964-1974. Most are artist-framed with the original Kulicke stripping intact. Photos of the framed paintings are available on request.

Liz Mamorsky

Since graduation from Bennington College, I have exhibited my unique reclaimed materials sculpture, artbots, and visionary paintings and drawings nationally and internationally, starting with The International Young Artists Exhibition in Osaka, Japan. My work resides in numerous public and private collections including: Tonellerie Taransaud, Cognac; The Spertus Museum, Chicago; The Oakland Museum of California, Sony Corporation, First National Bank of Arizona, Francois Freres, St. Romain, France, and Paramount Pictures for the set of Star Trek: Voyager.

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