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This painting is made to question a fast-paced capitalist lifestyle. Dogs racing around a track are employed to represent a critique of the human act concerning daily life at work. Run The Circle literally points at how people "run" for money much too quickly with too much emphasis on performance, and how such an act pushes away the wonderful side of our "run" Italian racing greyhounds are trained to run in a circle all of their lives to make money for their handler, however the actual work (the run) becomes a game for the dog. So what about us? Do we really think about where we our putting our feet while working?

Éloïse Dumas

represented by

Art Tap

Art Tap acts as a facilitator for individual fine artists selling their work. We have no inventory or expensive New York rent. You'll pay under half the commission of most galleries and receive a top-notch curated selection of gallery quality art. Art Tap was selected for a Parsons Entrepreneurial Lab (eLab) fellowship and was selected as a winner of the PUBLICIS90 initiative, receiving funding and mentorship from The Publicis Group.

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