A Conceptual Pop Painting by Mark Mitchell

A warm breeze. A clear sky. An unquenchable thirst.
Hot as a desert sun. Serene as a clothesline
swaying in summertime.
Experience the intoxicating intensity of a dry heat.

©2014-2018 Mark Mitchell Studio LLC

Mark Mitchell

CONCEPTUAL POP PAINTER + MULTIMEDIA ARTIST As seen during ART BASEL MIAMI at SCOPE and SELECT FAIR, SEE ME Exhibitions at THE LOUVRE and ARMORY ARTS WEEK NYC, GASPARILLA TAMPA and on FOX13-TV Tampa Bay. EDUCATION: PRATT Graduate, SVA Alumni and former NYC Creative Director. AWARDS: HONOR AWARD - 2nd PLACE ARTIST IN SHOW, Art Festival Beth-El 2018 ART CENTER SARASOTA Special Recognition Award 2018 7 ARTSLANT PRIZE Showcases 2014 - 2017 GASPARILLA TAMPA Purchase Award 2016 FANTASTIC EKPHRASTIC People’s ...

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