San Francisco > Gate of Chinatown

On a summer night, I set up my camera in front of the famed San Francisco Chinatown Gate waiting for cars to go through. I wanted to capture a unique image of the gate. After trying with several cars, I got this beautiful light trail. This image was selected by National Geographic and now it's part of their online collection.

The price is for print only and that does not include mat and frame. All prints are made with white border around to maintain the integrity of the images.

Alex Mizuno

When digital photography touched my life, I found freedom of creativity and it has become my strongest passion. I have been blessed to have some of my work recognized internationally. I have won awards in international competitions and some of my images have been selected by National Geographic to be featured on its official website. My main interests are landscapes, nature, cityscapes, and architectures. Photography is a spiritual experience to me. I'd like to capture the energy and soul of ...

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