"imaginez la forme de la boite crânienne,
son épaisseur, sa dureté.
comparez le plan mental a une scene de théâtre
sur laquelle évolue des personnages, ce sont les images, les pensées
ordonnez a ses acteurs de se retirer, et conservez une seule image
installez vous dans cette pensée et a ce moment vous cessez de faire,
et commencez a être." - The Architect - Les pensées


Jérémy CLAUSSE (1977) is an artist and photographer based in France. “I conjugate the photography with art digital and created by the surrealist assemblies with for subjects of preference the human nature, their feelings and their thoughts. I play with the perspectives and the juxtapositions to create strange images which transform the reality. My work was exposed on the occasion of numerous exhibitions or biennial events, as well as in art gallery in Paris.”

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