Discovery Collection > Oriental Lily #1407

A large pink Oriental Lily blossom destined for floral arrangements. This beautiful flower blossom reaches almost eight inches from the front tip of to its rear. Displaying long filaments holding anthers heavily laden with bright red pollen, this lily is truly striking. It is one of the most popular flowers imported to the United States. Shooting this colorful red lily against a black background in my studio allowed me to concentrate on the color and the structure of this most wonderful flower. I think of my flower photographs not just as still life’s, but also as figure studies and portraits of the flowers.

David Perry Lawrence

David Perry Lawrence is a graduate of Yale University. For over 30 years he was a successful photographer, working with three Presidents and numerous movie stars. In 1988 he won 2nd prize nationally in the Fuji 'skylines' competition. In 2009 he retired to Mexico, where 5 of his photographs were featured in NatGeo.com. He now lives in Greenfield, WI. He continues to have photographs exhibited across the country.

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