Calla Lilies in the Mist #4895, BW

Calla Lilies are beautiful flowers whose blossoms slowly unwind from tight buds to full lilies. They often grow close together, hiding among the leaves of the plant. I found these two flowers tucked away, with one blossom a bit older and fuller developed than the other. As the larger one towered over the smaller one, it reminded me of an older sister protecting her younger sister in the rain. Using a macro lens, I wanted to give you, the viewer, the sense of travelling through a forest in the rain and coming upon these magnificent structures. Maybe they are 10 feet tall and towering over you!

I created this picture in B & W because I did not want the colors of the flowers to dominate their shapes and relationships.

David Perry Lawrence

David Perry Lawrence is a graduate of Yale University. For over 30 years he was a successful photographer, working with three Presidents and numerous movie stars. In 1988 he won 2nd prize nationally in the Fuji 'skylines' competition. In 2009 he retired to Mexico, where 5 of his photographs were featured in NatGeo.com. He now lives in Greenfield, WI. He continues to have photographs exhibited across the country.

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