This is a charcoal and pastel on paper drawing. The powdery medium was sealed with a special fixing spray for protection.
It is securely packed in silk paper and bubble wrapping and shipped in a cardboard box.
The drawing is signed on the back.
I always prefer leaving the viewer the freedom to interpret my works with his/her own system of values. Each of us perceive reality through a different filter and an image can manifest itself in our mind in a completely different variety.
There is maybe more value in a question that a work of art provoques inside the viewers mind than in the work itself.

Dan Arcus

Education: University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Romania Activity: February 2018 - "ArtOpenKunst"- Group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium February 2017- represented in the Republic of Ireland by the Chimera Gallery May 2015 - Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition June 2009 - "Memories", conceptual garment performance, Cluj, Romania September 2008-Fashion exhibition PrĂȘt a porter Paris, Porte de Versailles May 2008 - "Dorkin", fashion show Iasi, Romania 2007- Group exhibition and show in Belgrade Fashion Fair April 2007 - "Urbanascetica", ...

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