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Oil and acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang piece (sides are painted)

The artwork is signed on the back. It is shipped rolled in a cardboard box after it was wrapped in bubble foil and silk paper. The canvas is unmounted and sent with the wood elements to be remounted on place.

Each of my compositions is a hybrid between the human figure, the cloth, the gesture and the environment. The colour, the surface and the unexpected interventions as some accidents are adapted to create a spectacular aura.
It is an amalgam between reality and imaginary that immerges the viewer into the characters world and stimulates certain emotions in order to create a state of meditation on the reality and the consequences of action as the lack of it!

Dan Arcus

Education: University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Romania Activity: February 2018 - "ArtOpenKunst"- Group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium February 2017- represented in the Republic of Ireland by the Chimera Gallery May 2015 - Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition June 2009 - "Memories", conceptual garment performance, Cluj, Romania September 2008-Fashion exhibition PrĂȘt a porter Paris, Porte de Versailles May 2008 - "Dorkin", fashion show Iasi, Romania 2007- Group exhibition and show in Belgrade Fashion Fair April 2007 - "Urbanascetica", ...

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