Balanis / Hamadryad

Balanis is one of the eight Hamadryades (female spirits of nature in Greek mythology, daughters of the forest spirits Oxylos ("Of the Forest") and Hamadryas ("With the Tree")). Each one is born within a certain tree over which she watches and in witch she lives. Balanis is the nymph of acorn-bearing trees such as the holm and oak. She can often be found in the trees down by the river-side and in the sacred groves.

Beautiful girl with the haircut from green oak leaves. Artwork was inspired by ancient Greek statues of Kores.

Fantasy art / illustration, pastel painting in green and blue colours. Soft pastels on paper, 29 x 41 cm, November 2017.

© Clipso-Callipso / Julia Khoroshikh

Julia Khoroshikh

St Petersburg based artist, working with traditional media mostly - acrylic, pastels and wool and loves painting. Fantasy / surreal art, floral art - abstract and realistic, pattern design.

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